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Parramatta City Council
Child Care Centre
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Parramatta City Council Child Care Centres


Craftwork understands the importance of completing work professionally and within an agreed time frame so that your classrooms and teaching spaces can be returned for use as soon as possible. We also appreciate that each job is different and need for safety and duty of care for young people and staff in your school is our priority.


We are proud of our capacity to deliver high quality results quickly and professionally through our network of local contractors across Sydney to ensure you are able to return your students and staff to their facilities as soon as possible. The example below helps to demonstrate out experience in working in spaces with young people with a short time frame to complete works.


Parramatta City Council requested the services of Craftwork to deliver an ambitious refurbishment of its network of child care centers over the Christmas break in 2006. The project included a re-tiling, plaster repairs, painting works and sealing of internal and external surfaces to be completed over holiday break to ensure the facilities would re-open in the New Year.


Craftwork was conscious that each location has different requirements to ensure the safety of all who work and use a space. Duty of care and the safety of children and staff was a key priority for Craftwork in the assessment and delivery of this project while minimizing disruption to daily programs within the child care centre’s.


Craftwork also understood the importance of being a reliable provider and the need to return teaching space to child care workers and young people as soon as possible. Working with its experienced team of painters, the Craftwork team delivered on its project for the Council two days prior to the completion date, allowing time for inspection and peace of mind for the management of the centre.


For a reference regarding the Parramatta City Council Child Care Centre programs, please contact Stephen Fischer, Building & Facilities Manager for Parramatta City Council.




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